"WE Will Be Your Accountability Partners For A Month And Help You Meet Your Wellness Goals"
Total Health Immersion with Keith and Michelle will help you live healthy for 30 days with daily one on one support from our coaches.
  •  Fitness: Workouts designed for YOU and YOUR goals.
  •  Nutrition: Daily help with your nutrition needs
  •  Motivation & Accountability:  From daily coach texts to a small Mastermind Facebook group, you will get total accountability. 
  • Benefit: One hour call with Coach Keith & Michelle to explain your current fitness level, injuries, goals.
  •  Benefit: Programmed workouts designed exclusively for you and your needs.
  •  Benefit: Daily texts for questions, modifications, changes. 
  •  Benefit: Weekly progress check-ins via phone and email.
  • Benefit: One hour call with Coach Michelle & Keith to explain your current nutrition needs, restrictions, etc.
  •  Benefit: Step by step help creating your weekly food prep to fit your needs.
  •  Benefit: Daily texts for questions, modifications, changes
  • Benefit: It's hard to make excuses when your coaches expect you to check-in every single day. 
  •  Benefit: Get daily reminder texts from the Coaches to keep you on track
  •  Benefit: Small mastermind online group of one on one immersion clients keeping each other on task!
Mastermind Social 
  • Benefit: Small mastermind Facebook group limited to those working one on one with Michelle & Keith
  •  Benefit: Surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals
  •  Benefit: Daily check-ins online with Michelle & Keith and your new mastermind core group
  • Benefit: Get Michelle's daily tough trainer love via text and in our Mastermind group. She won't be letting you off easy!
  • Benefit: Have Keith personally  to remind you to move and keep going. Your body will never be the same (in a good way!). 
  •  Benefit: Allow the Mastermind group to also keep you on task and motivate you to do your best work over our 30 days!
Habit Creation 
  • Benefit: Don't just change your exercise and nutrition, change your habits and create a healthy lifestyle for life.
  •  Benefit: Weekly homework and challenges within the Mastermind group to help you recreate new habits for a successful life. 
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30 Days of Accountability from both Michelle and Keith for ONLY $999! 

**You can pay in full and save a 10% discount or pay by the week** 

A standard gym trainer will cost you $50 -$75 for just ONE workout session with little to no off-site accountability, nutrition support or community. 

Now, you can work with Michelle & Keith, seven days a week, get all your workouts, nutrition, questions answered, texts returned and weekly check-in's completed for around $33 a day. 

Michelle is the best selling author behind, Healthy Healing, and she frequently speaks at venue around the world. Michelle has been featured in Shape, Fitness, Woman's Day and the Huffington Post Magazines.

Keith is a anatomy and mobility expert, with a degree in Exercise Science and countless clients under his belt over the past twenty plus years. 

Both Keith and Michelle have contributed to multiple professional magazines with articles about health & fitness including Prevention and Consumer's Health Digest.