Take Back Your Power in 2018
No More Excuses. No More Wasted Time. 
It's Time To Jump Back To Life.
My1FitLife Jump Start  Challenge 3.0
My1FitLife Jump Start Challenge 3.0
Jump Start Challenge $199.....
Sign up NOW and pay ONLY $149!!
Jump Start Challenge $199.....EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT SAVE $50, Sign up NOW and pay ONLY $149!!
Hear more from our founder, Michelle Steinke-Baumgard, on taking back your power! 
I remember when I hit rock bottom. 

I was sitting on a beach in Mexico, and I didn't want to do anything but curl up in bed. I was miserable. 

At age 35, I was an overworked, stressed out and tired mother and wife. It was in those dark moments that I decided I was going to have to take power back into my own life. Nobody was going to do the work for me; I was going to HAVE to make it happen.

My late husband Mitch agreed and reminded me that I was going to have to save myself. His words stuck and I realized that all my self-loathing and neglect was not going to make me a better wife, mom, or businesswoman. 

Instead of telling myself that I can't make time for my health and fitness I changed my inner dialogue and decided I MUST make time for my health and fitness.

The weeks and months passed and what I learned, even threw Mitch's tragic death is that I define my future and self-loathing is so much harder than just buckling down and doing the work to make my life better. 

Fitness is a metaphor for life and taking the right steps can make all the difference not just for a better body but a better future. 

Come work with my team of five coaches and me for eight life-changing weeks and see why focusing on your fitness will help you take power back into YOUR OWN LIFE.

We start this Monday. Join us. 

Take back YOUR power. 

Benefits of the Jump Start 3.0 
  •  Clean Eating and Labels
  •  Detox and Metabolism Repair 
  •  Sugar Challenge
  •  Macros for Fat Loss and Better Health
  •  Guide to Meal Planning
  •  Personal Expert Help From Our My1FitLIfe Coaches
  •  Join our Private Challenge Facebook Page with Other Challengers
  •  World Class Workouts
  •  Train at Home or the Gym
  •  Step by Step Exercise Instructions and AWESOME Videos to Insure Proper Form
  •  Self MyoFacia Release 
  •  Breathing Techniques
  •  Balance and Stability 
  •  Personal Expert Help From Our My1FitLife Coaches
  •  Modifications are available if you need them
  •  Weekly Life Changing Mental Exercises
  •  Lessons to Help YOU Succeed  Even after the Challenge
  •  Personal Expert Help From Our My1FitLife Coaches
  •  Weekly Homework to Help you Develop Skills you can use in Every Day Situations
The My1FitLife Jump Start Challenge 3.0 will guide you through getting back into working out while using bodyweight and dumbbells, using your nutritional to lose the unwanted body fat you have, and getting your mind back to being strong and confident with your mind. Commit to get FIT in 2018! We start Monday!
Taking Back The Power!!!
  •  Workout with Intensity and a Plan
  • Be Confident in Your Meal Prepping
  •  Identify Obstacles and Overcome Them
  •  Maintain Mental Clarity Throughout Your Day
Losing fat is great, but we also believe in living a fit and healthy life more than anything else! 

It's not about the size of your body, but the size of your LIFE!

Here is what a few of our AMAZING members are saying....

“I’ve attended adventure weekends where I proved to myself- I CAN. I’ve climbed mountains, hiked more miles then I thought imaginable, all while building lifelong relationships with other Quest members, I consider family. I am now a fit grandma to my granddaughter and a mentally and physically healthy for my one fit life thanks to Keith, Michelle, Lorrie and all the amazing support from this amazing group."

~ Gina

 "While losing weight was my initial motivation, I soon realized how much life I had been missing. During the summer of 2012, my youngest son took me out for a simple hike. I was winded and tired after only half a mile. In August, 2013, he and I hiked the Twin Sisters in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a strenuous, 7 mile (roundtrip) hike, gaining nearly 2,500 ft in elevation. Since then I've hiked high peaks and the Manitou Incline in Colorado; Alamere Falls, Muir Woods, and the Mist Trail at Yosemite; and Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. I've taken up paddle boarding and I've been rock climbing using ropes and pitons. I'm loving living at age 52.

I've lost weight but have gained so much more.  Friendships, fitness, and a deep appreciation of life. 

Oh, and those clothes I gave away...today I would still be doing the same because they would be too big! No excuses, no regrets!"


"I can’t even begin to explain how amazing 1FW has been for me and thank the coaches for what they have given me.  It has been a life changing experience from barely being able to walk around the block to signing up for a Desert Challenge obstacle course race.  I am a two time cancer survivor and had multiple surgeries due to health issues.  It is hard to explain the changes the Challenges have made in my health, both physically and mentally. The knowledge of all the coaches and their willingness to answer my questions is really unprecedented.  The community and coach support is outstanding and unlike anything I have ever experienced. I never in million years would have thought food and exercise could be so powerful.
During my last check up with my radiology oncologist, he told me I was an “easy” patient.  I flexed my muscles and told him it was because of 1FW.  I want all my visits to be that amazing! Although some days are harder than others, in the long run, it is my life to live and I want to LIVE it, not be a silent bystander."


Your My1FitLife Team
Keith Baumgard
Co-Founder of My1FitLife and Live the List Non Profit

Keith Baumgard is the Co-Founder of My1FitLife and has a vast knowledge base on anatomy and physiology. Fitness has been a life-long passion of his, starting from a very young age. Keith has an advanced degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, which has allowed him to extensively learn and study the anatomy and physiology of the body, specifically the muscular system. Having an extensive educational background allows him to develop unique and effective exercise programs far beyond traditional trainer workouts. Keith experienced his life-changing loss in 2004 when he lost his best friend in a plane crash. This loss helped him realized how important exercise and fitness are in helping people through the grieving process. 

Keith has contributed to Prevention Magazine, and he works with over 3,000 clients worldwide. 
Michelle Steinke-Baumgard
Michelle Steinke-Baumgard
Co-Founder of My1FitLife and Live the List Non Profit

Coach Michelle is Co-Founder of My1FitLife and is an emerging expert in the world of fitness. After the loss of her late husband Mitch, in 2009, Michelle became engrossed in fitness as a way to cope with her grief. Michelle soon decided to leave her corporate job and devote her life to helping others get fit for all the right reasons. Michelle became a coach in 2012, after her own 70-pound weight loss journey. 

Since turning her career to fitness, Michelle has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Shape, Woman's Day, Huffington Post more. Michelle is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has contributed several articles for Prevention Magazine. 

Michelle's released her first book for HarperCollins in late 2017, and it has become a best-seller focusing on using fitness as a grief coping tool.
Lorrie McFadden

Director Of Nutrition

Coach Lorrie McFadden is a clean eating enthusiast! She began her career in nutrition serving healthy meals to homeless youth and adults in Portland, OR. Her own personal journey to health began when she lost just shy of 50 pounds practicing what she now shares with her clients: a healthy and holistic relationship with food and a balanced understanding of fueling for life. After seeing a new way of eating and living, she received her certification in Nutritional Consulting (C.N.C.) and has gone on to study Food Therapy and Wellness Coaching.

She is currently serving clients in one on one, group settings and at My1FitLife Adventure Weekends and showing them how great life can be when they give their bodies every opportunity to succeed with real food and a large serving of self kindness!

C.N.C. Certified Nutritional Consultant
Kristi Marshall 
Michelle Steinke-Baumgard

Director Of Fitness

I get it. Life is crazy and there are not enough hours in the day. I understand where you are coming from. I want to help you define and meet your personal goals for fitness. I have Midwestern roots and a degree in Health Promotion. I have had the opportunity to work in a number of unique environments to help expand my knowledge of the industry. I am a working Mom, have 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband that are a constant reminder of how strong and profound human relationships can be. I have been a competitive swimmer from the age of seven through college. I enjoy the water immensely and would love to work with you on stroke refinement, triathlon readiness, injury rehab, or with your children to help them learn to swim and feel confident in the water. You may be at a place in life where you are trying to figure out how to do it all. I constantly remind myself that it is about inner peace, not “balance.” I would love to help you find some quality “you time” so that you can be the best mom, daughter, husband, wife, and/or partner that you can be. It is possible!

BS- Health Promotion, University of St. Thomas

Tami Bliss
Director Of Mental Wellbeing

Tami has a passion not only for mental health but also for physical health and fitness. She holds a double Masters Degree in Community and Rehabilitation Counseling. During her graduate school years, her interest and emphasis were on eating disorders. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings, including group and family counseling, individual counseling, Adjunct Psychology Instructor at the University and Community college levels, and at-risk youth. Tami is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and certified Group Fitness Instructor, and enjoys teaching a variety of group fitness classes part-time. Her other interests include spending time with her husband and three boys, who are very active in sports, music, and school activities.
"We are humans. Sometimes we forget that being human means making mistakes and learning from them. It is tough to have success in certain areas of our life when our mental health is not stable, we are insecure, or we have a fear that holds us back from being our best self. I don’t want to be in my 90's still wishing that I hold worn a size 6. I want to be happy in my body and enjoy life. And I want that for everyone who exists in this world. To see their worth and make the most of their life."

Doubles Masters Degree in Community & Rehabilitation Counseling.
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor
It's time for YOU to stop talking about it and start DOING!!  
Take back your power in 2018!!
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