Jump Start Challenge 2.0
My1FitLife Strength Challenge 2.0
Join Our My1FitLife Jump Start 8 Week Challenge 2.0 To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level.
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What is the My1FitLife Jump Start  Challenge?

The My1FitLife Jumpstart Challenge is eight guided weeks that emphasizes rebooting your metabolism through guided smart, whole food based eating, and developing new strength with trainer lead workouts that you can do anywhere. Our eight-week program gives you exercises that are programmed for all fitness levels, nutritional guidance for metabolic health, the My1FitLife grocery list, coach videos/tutorials and weekly life-based homework that helps you understand fitness should be a forever part of your world. 
  •  Body Types
  •  Clean Eating/Reading Labels
  •  Muscle Fiber Types 
  •  Detox With Whole Foods
  •  Stability & Mobility
  •  No-Sugar Challenge
  •  Fundamentals of Lifting
  •  Macros For Fat Loss & Better Health
  •  Breathing For Exercise
  •  Eating Out And Eating Clean 
  •  Self-Myofascial Release
  •  Guide To Meal Planning 
  •  Balance & Resources
  •  Injury vs. Dysfunction
  •  Food Intolerances & Allergies
  • Metabolic Reboot Nutrition Guidelines 
  • Metabolic Reboot Grocery List
  • Weekly Workout Plan For All Fitness Levels (Gym or Home)
  • Workout Video Demonstrations
  • 8-Weeks Online Facebook Community 
  • 8-Weeks Life Coaching Homework
  • Coach Online Q & A's For Questions
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Quality fitness training alone can run you $50 - $150 for a single session, and that's without any nutritional guidance or life coaching. 

My1FitLife incorporates all the aspects of a professional gym trainer but adds critical key elements for your long-term success. 

Our coaching staff has educational training and professional experience in not only fitness but nutrition and psychology as well, helping you create a total wellness package. 

Now that's a program worth joining!
My1FitLife 8 Weeks Jump Start  2.0
One Time Fee: $199 but today pay only $169
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My1FitLife Jumpstart Challenge 2.0
The My1FitLife Jump Start Team
Keith Baumgard
Coach Keith Baumgard is the Co-Founder of My1FitLife and has a vast knowledge base on anatomy and physiology. Fitness has been a life-long passion of his, starting from a very young age. Keith has an advanced degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, which has allowed him to extensively learn and study the anatomy and physiology of the body, specifically the muscular system. Having an extensive educational background allows him to develop unique and effective exercise programs far beyond traditional trainer workouts. Keith experienced his life-changing loss in 2004 when he lost his best friend in a plane crash. This loss helped him realized how important exercise and fitness are in helping people through the grieving process. 

Keith has contributed to Prevention Magazine, and he works with over 3,000 clients worldwide. 
Michelle Steinke-Baumgard
Michelle Steinke-Baumgard
Coach Michelle Steinke-Baumgard is Co-Founder of My1FitLife and is an emerging expert in the world of fitness. After the loss of her late husband Mitch, in 2009, Michelle became engrossed in fitness as a way to cope with her grief. Michelle soon decided to leave her corporate job and devote her life to helping others get fit for all the right reasons. Michelle became a coach in 2012, after her own 70-pound weight loss journey. 

Since turning her career to fitness, Michelle has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Shape, Woman's Day, Huffington Post more. Michelle is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has contributed several articles for Prevention Magazine. 

HarperCollins will release Michelle's first book in October of 2017, which focuses on using fitness as a grief coping tool.
Lorrie McFadden
Kristi Marshall
Coach Lorrie McFadden is a clean eating enthusiast! She began her career in nutrition serving healthy meals to homeless kids and adults in Portland, OR. Her own personal journey to health began when she lost just under 50 pounds practicing what she now shares with her clients: a healthy and holistic relationship with food and a balanced understanding of fueling for life. After seeing the light, she received her certification in Nutritional Consulting (C.N.C.) and has gone on to study Food Therapy and Wellness Coaching.

She is currently serving clients in one on one, group and My1FitLife Adventure Weekend settings to show them how great life can be when they give their bodies every opportunity to succeed with real food and a large serving of self kindness!  

Nutritional Consulting C.N.C.
Coach Kristi Marshall has had a life long passion for health and fitness. Being a collegiate athlete and now a busy mom of 2 she just gets it. Her goal is to help you find and make the time to move more and help you to learn to incorporate fitness into your life so that is will reside seamlessly into your everyday routine. 

She has BS a degree in Health Promotion and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine. She has worked in a number of unique environments over the last 15+ years to help strengthen her understanding for fitness as it relates to the entire spectrum of Wellness. 

“The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help.” –Napoleon Hill

BS- Health Promotion, University of St. Thomas
Jump Back Into Life!